EtherneXt's network has improved the quality of our VOIP traffic while their support has increased our uptime resulting in greater customer retention for our business.
- John Lewis, ACE Telephony

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Support Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is EtherneXt Located?
2. Does EtherneXt offer Remote Hands Support?
3. How does EtherneXt bill for bandwidth usage?
4. Does EtherneXt offer 24x7x365 support?

Question 1:  Where is EtherneXt Located?
Answer:   EtherneXt is located in Miami, FL. at Miami Data Vault in North Miami. EtherneXt can provide metro-ethernet between our facility and most any facility within Miami. If we are not in your building, Call us! we will quote you a solution to bring you IP services anywhere.

Question 2:  Does EtherneXt offer Remote Hands Support?
Answer:  EtherneXt features a full support team that can assist you with any service needs you have. from simple tech support issues to providing advice on your technical needs, EtherneXt's skilled tradesman are your one-stop shop for help and support.

Question 3:  How does EtherneXt bill for bandwidth usage?
Answer:  EtherneXt bills all bandwidth usage each month at the 95th percentile reading for usage over one month of service. 95th percentile billing is an industry standard billing schema that allows customers 1 1/2 days of peak usage that is not counted towards a final usage amount. EtherneXt uses only the higher of in or out readings per 5 minute reading of usage. For more information regarding 95th percentile billing, please email

Question 4:  Does EtherneXt offer 24x7x365 support?
Answer:  EtherneXt maintains a full staff to provide service and support 24x7x365. From server reboots to supporting a customers unique service issues, Ethernext is always there to provide hands-on close support at anytime.

100 NE 80th Terrace
Miami, FL 33138

P: 305.373.5960
F: 305.373.2233

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