EtherneXt's network has improved the quality of our VOIP traffic while their support has increased our uptime resulting in greater customer retention for our business.
- John Lewis, ACE Telephony

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    IP Network Services

IP LAN Solutions
EtherneXt IP LAN solutions include Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Fiber connectivity options. Our all Cisco network has been built with reliability as the primary requirement. There is not one part of the network that is not backed-up with redundant equipment, ensuring nearly 100% uptime. All Ethernet LAN connections are 100Mbit and are fully burstable as needed for your business. Industry standard 95th percentile billing ensures you only pay for what you use. EtherneXt can also provide custom LAN solutions with redundant uplinks to your equipment to provide the highest possible failover potential. At EtherneXt we know Networks!

Bandwidth Rate Setup Uplink Monthly
1 - 10 Mbps $0 100 Mbit $65/Mbit
11-20 Mbps $0 100 Mbit $60/Mbit
21-30 Mbps $0 100 Mbit $55/Mbit
31-40 Mbps $0 100 Mbit $50/Mbit
41+ Mbps $0 100 Mbit $45/Mbit

IP WAN Solutions
EtherneXt's IP Wide Area Network Solutions are meant for companys seeking to obtain IP Services to their business location. Service types include 64k, ISDN, T1 & DS3 connections. All WAN connections begin with securing a leased private line with a major telecom provider from your business to an EtherneXt POP. EtherneXt can provide a complete 1 stop source for WAN connections, providing a single Telecom interface to the provider in order to make provisioning of service quick and painless. Since costs are based on a local providers leased line costs, this is a custom quoted item.

Please fill out our Online Service Request Form to receive a pricing quote for your WAN needs.

EtherneXt Available Carriers
EtherneXt provides complete carrier-neutral colocation facilities. Customers are free to choose the best services from the best provider within each of our facilities. These are some of the carriers available to customer of EtherneXt:

Cogent Communications
Level 3
Bell South
FPL Fibernet
MFS of South Florida
Global Crossing
New Global

EtherneXt can provide IP termination services for customers not wishing to maintin their own network equopment. IP Termination Services start at $250/month and include customized secure Access Lists and 24/7 monitoring.

Please fill out our online service request form to receive a personalized IP termination quote.  

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