EtherneXt's network has improved the quality of our VOIP traffic while their support has increased our uptime resulting in greater customer retention for our business.
- John Lewis, ACE Telephony

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    Colocation Solutions

Open Racks - From single servers to half and full rack packages.
Open Rack solutions are designed for the smaller colocation needs of small and personall businesses. EtherneXt's open racks feature a unique 4 post design that can accomodate any type of equipment from large routers to mini-towers. Bandwidth for colocation is additional to colocation. EtherneXt provides many service and support options for the customer in order to fully support any special requirements or needs that you may require.

Description Setup Power Monthly
1U Rack space $0 1 Amp $75
2U Rack space $0 1 Amp $100
4U & Mini tower Chassis $0 1 Amp $150
1/4 Rack $0 4 Amps $250
1/2 Rack $0 8 Amps $450
Full Rack $0 20 Amps $850
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Private Enclosed Cabinets
Through our strategic Datacenter partners, EtherneXt provides private enclosed cabinets for customers needing the privacy of a cabinet. Every Cabinet comes with your own 24x7 access card and a single 20amp power circuit.
Cross-Connects to EtherneXt are provided by the facilty and can be ethernet or fiber. EtherneXt can provide move-in support and assistance with contracts if needed.

Description Setup Power Monthly
7' $0 20 Amps $850
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Private Custom Cages
For customers needing more than 1 or 2 cabinets, EtherneXt's datacenter partners can provide custom designed and built private cages. Cage space is priced per sq-ft and include (4) 20amp power circuits per 100 sq-ft. Private cages include 24x7 access and room to build your infrastructure as you see fit. EtherneXt can provide complete assistance with cage buildout and planning.

Please call (305) 373-5960 or fill out our online service request form for customer pricing for your application.

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