EtherneXt's network has improved the quality of our VOIP traffic while their support has increased our uptime resulting in greater customer retention for our business.
- John Lewis, ACE Telephony

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    EtherneXt Network Features

Network Features and Strengths

  • Fully Switched All Cisco Network

  • (3) Network Service Providers (Internet Uplinks) for extreme connectivity. Level3 (1Gig), (1Gig) and Cogent (1Gig).

  • Fully redundant equipment deployed at every stage of the network and at every location

  • Multiple network uplinks at each EtherneXt location with diverse carriers and paths eliminate single points of failure on the network

  • Full BGP4 routing both externally and internally, provide best-path routing and fast failover in the event of carrier loss

  • Fully Dynamic routing protocols deployed in the network allow it to change on-demand as the network changes

  • All Fiber-Optic backbone featuring port-channels for increased capacity and redundancy

  • Extensive monitoring and performance tracking of entire network

  • Fully redundant processing engines in every piece of equipment for extreme equipment reliability

  • Fully redundant power supplies connected to separate circuits and power panels

  • Cisco Hot Standby Routing Protocol (HSRP) extensively deployed throughout network to ensure quick failover

  • Extensive Access-Control Lists (ACL's) deployed on our border routers filter out most hacker attempts before they even get onto the network.

  • EtherneXt maintains spare service modules for everything on our network. if anything fails, we have a spare on-hand and ready to go!

  • Each customer receives a private network segment with FREE customized ACL's for security

  • EtherneXt will work personally with every customer to setup any network services they require.

  • And Much more! Please feel free to contact the EtherneXt N.O.C. center if you have any questions about our network facilities.

  • EtherneXt Carriers

  • Level3 - 1Gig
  • - 1Gig
  • Cogent Communications - 1Gig

  • EtherneXt:
    100 NE 80th Terrace
    Miami, FL 33138

    P: 305.373.5960
    F: 305.373.2233

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